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Asoyan Jivan

Asoyan Jivan Grigoryevich was born in Artik, a little town in Armenia. In 1984 – 1995 years studied in the Art University in Yerevan, and then in art – theatrical Institute. In 1997 year was accepted as a member of the Union of artists of Armenia. The entrant of many of city, regional, and foreign exhibitions. A part of his paintings are in private collections in Armenia, Russian Federation, USA, The United Kingdom, Germany, Belorussia, China. Since 1999 year have been living in town named Belokurikha, Altai Land.

Asoyan Ani

The artist and the musician, future designer Ani Asoyan have been drawing since 4 years old. At this moment she studies in NGUADI (Novosibirsk State University of architecture, design and art) in the city of Novosibirsk (Russia) as the designer. Recently she has participated in the “Growth Point” exhibition. Participates in exhibitions of various level. Her works are in Armenia, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Italy and in many cities of Russia. Works in various directions and techniques. Uses oil paints, gouache. Likes to create paintings on fabrics (batik). Ani dreams to connect the art abilities in the future with design of furniture and to begin to cooperate with the Italian furniture factories.

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